Abstract Submission Guideline

Delegates, who would like to present their works at the meeting, either orally or as a poster, are invited to submit an abstract for consideration by the Scientific Committee.
Please find the full Abstract Submission Guidelines below.

Important Dates:

Abstract submission opens: March 6, 2018; 8:00 am

Submission deadline: July 6, 2018; 12:00 pm

Notifications to submitters: By August 15, 2018

Abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted!



Abstracts can only be submitted online via the abstract submission form that can be found in the section "abstract submission” on the official website of the XIVth AATM conference & the 4th Iran International Congress of Transfusion Medicine, 2018.

Notification: Abstracts sent by post or email will not be considered as submission. No exceptions will be made.


Accepted abstracts will be published in Archives of Iranian Medicine (AIM) journal as a supplement.


The content of the abstract must be related to one of the topics listed below.


Main Topics:

·         Donors and Donation

·         Blood Safety

·         Developments in Cellular Blood Components

·         Patient Blood  Management & Hemovigilance

·         Platelet Transfusion

·         Quality Management in Blood Transfusion

·         Contract fractionation for Self-Sufficiency in Plasma Derived Medicines

·         Immunohematology & Blood Banking

·         Blood Transfusion in Disasters

·         Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donation & Transplantation


·         Please be informed that the abstract submission for the 4th Iran International Congress of Transfusion Medicine 2018 is free of charge, but the presenting author of the abstract must be registered for the meeting with registration fee.


·  Abstracts must contain original information, not submitted, published or presented elsewhere prior to submission.

·      The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that all authors have read the abstract and agreed to be co-authors. Pease fill out the family names, first names, affiliations, city, country of the co-authors, correctly.

·  The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring all authors names in the abstract. After acceptance of the articles (as poster or lecture) any change will NOT be accepted in the authors names or text body of the abstract

·         Note the person submitting the abstract will be consider as corresponding author.

·         The Scientific Committee retains the right to reject abstracts containing previously submitted or abstract without acceptable criteria.

·         In clinical studies, please state in the methods section whether the study was approved by a recognized medical ethics committee and write the article's ethic committee code.

·         Similarly, do not submit a copy or close copy of an abstract under more than 1 topic. Abstracts that appear to be submitted multiple times under different topics will be rejected.

·         Abstracts should be submitted just in clear English to allow the reviewers to focus on the scientific content of the abstract. Please avoid submitting the abstract in non- English languages.

·         The maximum word count allowed is 250 words.  The minimum word count should be 150 words.

·         The abstract should be structured into the following mandatory sections:

o Background/Introduction

o Methods

o Results

o Conclusions

o Keywords: please choose 3-5 keywords according to MeSH

·         A word file should contain the title of the abstract, family and first names of the authors, their affiliations, Background/Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions and Keywords that should be uploaded during the submission. Please use this Word template for preparing your abstract.

·          Abbreviations and Trademarks should not be used in the title Abbreviations in the article text should be defined.

·         The submission of an abstract constitutes a formal/mural commitment by the submitting author to present the abstract (if accepted) in the session and the time assigned by the Scientific Committee.


Abstract review, selection and publication

General comments

A panel of experts will review the abstracts. Each abstract will be reviewed by at least two different experts. Abstracts may be selected for oral presentation or poster presentation by the congress scientific committee.

·         The author who submits the abstract will receive the confirmation of acceptance for oral presentation, poster presentation or a notice of rejection, by 15 August 2018 via e-mail.

·         The author who submits the abstract selected for oral presentation will be informed about the type and date of the session, and presentation guidelines will be provided.

·       Poster presenters will be informed about the date of the poster exhibition and will receive guidelines for their preparation and presentation.

Abstract Template

Title (Font: Times New Roman 16 Bold)


Family name of the author The first letter of his/her first name., … (Font: Times New Roman 10 Bold Italic)


*Add the affiliation of the corresponding author (Font: Times New Roman 9 Italic)



Background/ or Introduction: 

Text body (Font: Times New Roman 10)



Text body (Font: Times New Roman 10)



Text body (Font: Times New Roman 10)



Text body (Font: Times New Roman 10)


Keywords: (3-5 key words according to MeSH)

Reviewers Panel

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