Country reports



M. Hoque


S. Pathak


A.A. Pourfathollah


E. Namjil


F. Hasan


D. Samarakoon

Sri Lanka


Blood Component and Processing

K. Shams

Total Laboratory Automation in Blood Donor Screening

(ECL Method)

R. Dara

Blood clots in blood bags

H. Javadzadeh

Blood Wastage Management In Blood Transfusion Centers

Sh. Sharifi

Platelet Production By Plateletpheresis Experience Overview In Iran

Sh. Rajan

Blood Transfusion Services of India

Sh. Sharifi

Call back  In Blood Donors from 2011 to 2016 at Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization

F. Behdad

Adverse reaction in plasmapheresis donors in IBTO from March 2017 to June 2018


Quality Management in Blood Transfusion

M.H. Rafiee

Process management: Change control

S. Shahbazmoradi

Six Sigma as the framework for improvement of blood transfusion

Z. Aghasi

Analysis and monitoring of corrective action in Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization from March 2017 to March 2018


Donor and Donation

M. Maghsudlu

How to recruit and retain plasma donors

K. Magnussen

Low Hb blood donors management

W. de Kort

Pre-donation screening of first-time Blood Donors-Sanquin Experience and  the age criteria for blood donors

K. Magnussen

Donor vigilance

A. Sedaghat

National Blood Donor Selection Surveillance System


Platelet Transfusion

B. Bayat

HNAs and HPAs in transfusion related reactions

V.S. Nadarajan

Polymorphisms of human platelet antigens, its clinical relevance

P. Eshghi

Prevention and management in platelet refractoriness

M. Shaiegan

Progress on Platelet  Immunology in IBTO

M. Ahmadinejad

The rate of anti PF4 antibody among the patients suspected for HIT referred to special coagulation lab of IBTO

A. Omidkhoda

The R353Q factor VII gene polymorphism and the risk of recurrent miscarriage

A. Qasemi

Are Human Platelet Antigens (HPAs) genotypes relevant to thrombocytopenia?


Blood Safety

S.M. Alavian

HEV and blood safety issues

Z. Sharifi

Value of performance of HBsAg donor screening (HBVNAT and/or anti-HBc donor screening)

A. Aghaie

Microscopic and serologic assay in the deferred donors affected by Malaria at Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) between 1395 to 1397

M.R. Hedayatimoghadam

HBcAb seropositivity and occult hepatitis B virus infection among HBS-Ag negative Iranian blood donors: A systematic review and meta-analysis


Development in Cellular Blood Components

R. Dara

PBSC collection & cryopresrvation

M.R. Deyhim

Red cell changes during storage

F. Yari

Effects of platelet-derived microparticles on the stimulation and activation of blood cells in vitro

M. Moradi

Gene cloning and expression of soluble thrombopoietin functional domain by harnessing Rosetta gami expression system


Contract Fractionation for Self-sufficiency of Plasma Derived Medicines

A.A. Pourfathollah

Iranian experience of plasma  contract  fractionation

A. Cheraghali

Principles of  contract  fractionation

P. Strengers

Points to be considered for the  selection of plasma fractionator

M. Kloft

Requirements for plasma for contract  fractionation

P. Strengers

Establishment of a plasma contract  fractionation and quality agreement: points to be considered

M. Kloft

Contract fractionation For PDMs

F. Amiri

Implementation of EQA program for Coagulation Factor VIII assay in Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization


Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

M.T. Shabani Rad

Red cell alloimmunization rates in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients

A. Hajifathali

Transfusion thresholds in hematopoietic stem cells patients; an Iranian experience

S. Mohammadi

Long term autologous stem cell transplantation outcome with Low dose CD34 cells yeilds: A single center study



A. Chegini

Adverse reactions in massive transfusion

L. Kasraian

Improvement in blood utilization as a result of hemovigilance establishment

M.R. Balali

Eight years of Hemovigilance experience in Iran

S. Khosravi

Effectiveness of strategies for control of viral hepatitis in patients with inherited disorders of hemoglobin in Sistan-Baluchistan province, Iran; an epidemiologic study


Blood components usage and wastage rate: an analysis on the blood management in Zabol, Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran


Blood Transfusion in Disasters

K. Shams

Lessons learned from earthquake

A. Noroozi

Topical Anti –hemorrhagic agents for military trauma

M. Rajaeinejad

Blood transfusion in military and civil disaster


M. Ghorbani

Multilateral approach to centralized management of military blood bank in disaster

F. Hasan

Disaster management: role of blood bank


Patient Blood Management in OB and GYN

Gh. Toogeh

Management of anemia in pregnancy

O. Api

PBM in women health

P. Pour Ansari

How to prevent the obstetric hemorrhage

V.S. Nadarajan

Antibody screening in pregnancy & its role in prevention and management of hemolytic diseases of fetus & newborn

F. Ghotbizadeh

Postpartum hemorrhage

Z. Panahi

Management of menstrual hemorrhage in patients with coagulation disorders

F. Behnaz

Successful massive transfusion in a cesarean section


Immunohematology and Blood Banking

V.S. Nadarajan

The use and pitfalls of antibody screening in pretransfusion testing

N. Choudhury

Possible tasks and new areas for blood banks

S. Joshi

High thermal amplitude auto anti N complicating pre-transfusion compatibility tests

M. Moghaddam

Challenging red blood cell immunization: serology cases

Sh. Sharifi

Evaluation of C/T ratio for 12 years at the Children's Medical Center Hospital

M.S. Gholami

Genotyping of RhD, RhCE, Duffy, Kell, and Kidd blood groups in patients with thalassemia with history of alloimmunization by using rapid Tetra-ARMs-PCR and Multiplex-ASO-PCR techniques


Patient Blood Management in Cardiac Surgery

S. Lasocki

Patient Blood Management in cardiac surgery

A. Chegini

Autologous blood transfusion in cardiac surgery

K. Forouzan Nia

Topical hemostatic agents in cardiac surgery

M. Alaei

Pattern of PRBC transfusion among  patients undergoing off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) cardiac surgery

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